Feeding and reproduction


Be careful when you give food to your snake because of cannibalism, indeed you have to separate your snake to give them food because they can hurt each others. Depends on the size of your snake, you give him mices, rats or rabbits one in the week or less. Please control if the prey doesn’t attack your animal. A stressed snake, or in shed, or sick could refuse the food, please consult a veterinary if he loose weight. To avoid an attack, give it with a crowbar. Die or alive, it’s your choice, but some snakes prefers alived preys. It’s the natural chains, and not a crual act.

The snake reproduce with an hemipenis, the reproduction period is short but the times of copulation could be a lot of hours. You could test, but for some it is a stress. At the end of hibernation, it could happened. Take the female in the male space because the male needs to know his space. Please survey this act and separate them after to avoid bites.

Before the laying, the female is in shed and she is nervous. 28 days after, she layed her eggs but it depends of the species. Little females could have hard to lay their eggs so you have ton controle it or to go to the veterinary. Sometimes we take eggs in an incubs but don’t returns the eggs. Natural incubation is hard for your female. After that, the littl snake goes out his egg, if it is not the case you could help him to go out. The number of snakes depends on your species and the female.

After the birth, please take care of your young snake and give him food regularly, the first feed have to be after the first shed of the snake.