Feeding and breeding reptiles in captivity:



The ideal breeding period is around October/ November, in France. At the end of this per- iod, they can be quite difficult to manage and mating in captivity can be complicated.

Tip 1:

If they refuse to feed, it may be wiser to do the mating directly, as it is this very phenomenon that causes them to refuse to feed. Indeed, the female is hampered by her unfertilized oocytes and the male feels an irrepressible need to fertilize before being able to touch the food again.

The presentation phase before the reproduction phase: The presentation of the breeders must be carefully monitored, because each species does not react in the same way. Most of the time, the female must be transferred to the male’s terrarium.

Tip 2:

Moulting is the perfect time to do so because pheromones are more noticeable, at this time, through the skin.

Tip 3:

You must know each species well before you put them together. In some chame- leons, for example, the presence of the female may cause stress that would cause the male to become more aggressive.

Caution: Caution is still required in some species of ophiophagous snake. Indeed, the situation may turn to hunting rather than to the expected mating.

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