Species: Boa Imperator


As the name suggests, boas are from boidae’s family. The size depends on the locality. Usually, a female can be around 2.5m versus 1.8m for male. They can live around 25 years old in captivity. They come from humid tropical areas and lives in forest. They can be agressive sometimes, and as they are big, the bite can hurt.

Captivity’s conditions:

A terrarium around 150x60x60 can be good for an adult. They require a hiding place, a water bowl, and solid branches. The hot point needs to be around 32°, and 25° at the cold point. For heating, prefer a heating pad or a cable than a lamp.


Boas can eat mices, rats and even rabbits. Usually, the eat rats, both alive or dead ones. Young boas are fed weekly, then gradually up to once a month.


Sexual maturity is around 3 years, depending more about size than ages. To stimulate mating, a rest period can be great with a decrease in variables. When mating, do not separate snakes too early because the parade time can last a long time. Then, you have to give them smaller preys. Pregnant females can eat a little or not at all, their activities are reduced. Boas are ovoviviparous, so females give birth 120 days after mating, 20 to 50 young snakes per litter. You absolutely have to separate babies from the mum, and then you can feed all of them.

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