Species: Corn Snake

Corn snakes:

Corn snakes are from USA. We can find them in lands. It is a very common snake. They measure around 1,20m and they can live 20 years.

Captivity’s conditions:

It is a fairly loose animal, very docile as a frst snake for example. We can raise them in racks or in terrariums. They need a water bowl and a hiding place, at night we can go down to 20 degrees and during the day at 28°.


We can give them mices, dead or alive, adapted to the snake size of course, every 5 days for young specimen or every 2 weeks or once a month for adults one.


They lay eggs, and we can put 2 males together for one female to have more results. The pregnant female may refuse food. 2 months later, eggs will be there, and for their maintenance, an incubator is required with a high level of hygrometry and special conditions, like a lot of snakes.

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