Species: Green tree Python

Green tree python

This python comes in several colors but which are mainly localities, like Biak, Aru, Yapen, Sorong, Wamena… They can live 30 years in captivity. Juveniles are born yellow or red, but their colours change as they grow to green.

Captivity’s conditions:

A terrarium of 60x60x60 can be nice for adults. Smaller terrariums for juveniles can be great. Indeed, a too large terrarium would stress your snake.

He is a nocturnal snake and lives exclusively in height coiled on a horizontal branch. They require a 29/30°C hot spot that is supplied with a mat or heating cable and/or a heating lamp outside the terrarium, of course protected by a grid to prevent the snake from wrapping around, a cold point around 24°C and 21/23°C at night. He also needs solid branches to support his own weight, a bowl of cold water, a hiding place and beech, pine or coconut bark as substrate.


This python feeds on rodents adapted to its size once a week for juveniles and every 15 days for sub-adults and adults. The juvenile may be a little capricious and may refuse to eat, but this passes with time most of the time.


With juveniles, it is hard to tell if they are male or female. The green tree python  is oviparous, his sexual maturity is between 2/3 years for males and 3/4 years for females. A slight decrease in temperatures before reproduction may be proposed. They lay between six and one eggs, which will pierce after 54 days, after an incubation at 30 degrees.


ARU: With scales with green on the back. Youngs are yellow with black, some adults can have blue, a short tail, and youngs are hard to feed.

BIAK: They are bigger and agressive, but shorter. The tail is big and outcross snakes are not agressive as Biak one’s. They are green, with yellow scales. Youngs are yellow or red with yellow, and the color change in 4 years.

MERAUKEE: From Papouasie, the have a line in their back with white scales. Altitude is important for this white line saids Kark Switak.

MAINLAND,SORONG,JAYAPURA: they are harder to separate. Sorong has a blue back line with green, the head is little and mouth is little, with black or blue, and they are small. Jayapura has clear blue with green, a yellow blue or green tail.

WAMENA: The have a back line really thin, young are brown or yellow and some have black scales.

KOFIAU: They born yellows but change to green.

AUSSIE GREENS: They look like Meraukee, and young are brown or yellow, but they are really expensive and rare.

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