Species: Milk Snake

Milk snakes:

They are part of the Colubridae’s family. Some of them look like coral snakes, you need to be very careful of this if you live in Usa for example.

This colorful snake measures about 1m, ranging from 60cm to 1m80 depending on the subspecies, and there is a lot of subspecies in America. They can be red, black, yellow, black, depending on the specimen, the geographical area and the species. There are 25 well knwon subspecies, but the 4 best known in Terrariophilie are: nelsoni, sinaloe, campbelli and of course hondurensis.

Captivity’s conditions:

They can be raised in racks or terrarium. They need a water bowl of course, big enough for them to enter. Temperatures will be at 29 at the hot point and 25 at the cold point. At night, these temperatures can be lowered by 5 degrees. The substrates can varied, but be careful of intestinal occlusion with substrates too big, because they can be ingested. They also like hiding places. It is an animal asking for calm, we must avoid to handle it too much. Milk snakes can be ophiophagia, so be careful if you put 2 of them together.


You can give them mices, every 5 days for young ones and 10 days for adults.


When they are adults, around 2, you can put them together for breeding. But you need to look at this moment carefully, because the can bite each others during this period.

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