Subject La Ferme Tropicale :

In France, to breed several reptiles species (dangerous, protected species or invasive species), we need to do a stage and complete a big file and go to a commission with experts, to prouve that we can breed reptiles. It is called a « certificat de capacité ». It takes 15 days.We choose the biggest, oldest and the best known shop in France complete this stage », in Paris.

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We have classes, and practical exercises around biology, how to breed reptiles in captivity… This stage is in the shop in Paris, or in a sort of school and in a breeding and acclimatization centre near Paris. In this centre, we had a big chance to see really rare species.

During this session, we can talk with instructors, famous breeders and the rest of the group, composed of women and men breeders from France. It is quite interesting.

We discovered thousands of species, like lizards, snakes, turtles, bugs… It is ta large place where reptiles transit from all around the world to France or others countries.

We learn how to keep them, to restrain them, to sex them, and we can see their own care, bree- ding and feeding protocols. It is great to do this with trainers.

We also have biodiversity classes, genetic and reproduction classes, legislation classes…

We loved to take care of little caimans, big reticulated pythons, Burmese pythons, snapping turtles, spiders, cobras…

We prefer snakes but it was kind of interesting to see how to take care of lizards, iguanas…

It was also great to see what was behind all of the purchases that we can make in their website or in the shop in Paris, we saw all of the backgrounds and it was a great experience.

Indeed, we learn how to feed and how to clean racks and terrariums, but also how to recognize a disease.

Some of the animals are born in captivity but a lot are taken from the wild, from their environment or from breeding farms.

We also have a day with a specialize vet, Dr Clement Paillusseau, who is working with the famous Dr Schilliger. We learn how to prevent and how to face with reptiles diseases in the best way. We also help him to treat sick snakes or lizards. It was a very great day.

The last day, we learned how to search right informations to breed our reptiles, with books and rep- tile-database. We also began the writing for our file.

We are grateful to Karim Daouès, Charlotte Hubler, Helder, Jordy and the rest of the trainers and instructors for their professionalism and hospitality. We also thanks the rest of the group for all of the pictures taken during those days (Leslie, Hugo and Hugo, Julie, Dorian, Mathieu, Yohann and Lana).

Now, this formation is over so it is time to go back to work and write our file with all of the advices from our trainer Charlotte Hubler from repticonseils.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us, we’ll answer you as soon as possible.

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