There is first international conventions like the Washington convention, to protect endangered species, with the control of their transport and trade. This CITES groups species into annexes. Raised animals are in annexe 2, they can be exported if there is a CITES number in the invoices. This annexe is released in the european rules, 2 equals B for example. But a reptile from european union can circuled with only an attestation from the raiser, the CITES is not required. This legal arsenal is in order to protect animals but also all the people around them.

French law:

In France, we have the right to possess animals from Annexe 1-A (Cites/ European law), only if we have qualifications to do it. So we need to practice and learn about this species in a qualified formation. This is what we do. This process is expensive and takes times because we have to build a case.

So we can’t possess venomous, dangerous or invasive and protected species without qualifications. We also have quotas for reptiles. In fact, without this qualification, we can only have 25 snakes, turtles or lizards (little species), and 3 boas for example. We can only have in total 40 reptiles at home. We did this process called “certificat de capacité” to possess more reptiles because you know that if you have one snake, the next week you want 20 snakes!

Now, since October 15, you need to register and LoJack your reptiles. In France, you can’t sell a reptiles without a chip, and if you buy one in another country, you have 8 days to do it with a vet, in a special register called I-Fap. If we don’t do this, we can have a big fine. If you sell a reptile to a French, you need to write a “certificate of cession”, a French document, and then the French buyer need to chip his reptile in 8 days.

Other European countries can also change their laws like France.

As a foreign breeder, if you want to came to France to sell your reptiles, you need to microchip them. This is the reason why a lot of breeders doesn’t want to came to France now. The law can change so we will tell you if it’s the case, but if you have any question, feel free to ask us your question by email.

If you want to sell reptiles to a French breeder, you need to do a “certificat de cession d’espèce non-domestique”. It is a paper to prove the legal origin of the snake, and as a French breeder we need this paper for us. In some reptiles shows like Hamm, Verona, Houten…, we also need this paper so if a client comes to you and ask you to complete this paper, please do it because for us in France it is important. If we haven’t got this paper in France, the police can take our reptile and we can in the worst case go to jail or have a big penalty.

Thanks a lot and if you have any question, send us a message please!