There is international conventions like the Washington convention, to protect endangered species, with the control of their transport and trade. This CITES groups species into annexes. Raised animals are in annexe 2, they can be exported if there is a CITES number in the invoices. This annexe is released in the european rules, 2 equals B for example. But a reptile from european union can circuled with only an attestation from the raiser, the CITES is not required. This legal arsenal is in order to protect animals but also all the people around them.

The capacited certificate rules the possession of reptiles in France. It takes the raiser’s finality, the nature and the size of his installations, the rarity of the species but also the number of animals. He is required for venomous snakes. A file is constitued for the veterinary services, a formation and then an oral exam are required. For sale in a website, you need a Siret number and declare all of this for the taxes service. Think of declare your animals with the authority to protect you.

Without this, by the european rules 33897, we have the right to have:

3 adults boas, 25 reptiles no more than 40cm for tortoies, 1meter of lezards and 1meter50 for snakes, 10 for species more than 40 cm for tortoises, 1meter for lezards and 1meter50 for snakes, 6 species forbiden by capture, all for no more than 40 adults.

The 1882 article from the French Civil Code is related to civil responsability. If an animal, even a reptile, make damages, it’sthe responsability of his owner, for material and moral prejudices. This damages are juged by the court.

For example, if an animal bites someone of if he lived and goes in you neighbour’s house, you are responsible. Besides it engenders a bad picture of snake’s breeders, so we have to be careful and discret.

French law:

Now, since October 15, you need to register and LoJack your reptiles. In France, you can’t sell a reptiles without a chip, and if you buy one in another country, you have 8 days to do it with a vet, in a special register called I-Fap. If we don’t do this, we can have a big fine. If you sell a reptile to a French, you need to write a “certificate of cession”, a French document, and then the French buyer need to chip his reptile in 8 days.
Other European countries can also change their laws like France.