Our snake breeding place is located in France, near Paris, and we are raising pythons, panthers-his guttatus, lampropeltis Californae and boas. Raised in rack or terrarium, ours animals are cherish. Our expertise grows with times to permit to developed our passion in the rules.

Our breeding began 7 years ago, with Franck’s first pantherophis guttatus. Then cames pythons and the collection grows with time. S-reptiles projects began.

In 2013, Ambre buy his first boa couple, and the passion born quickly for her. In the course of buying, meetings and markets, the necessity to create a website appears. Here, you could find ours animals, our breeding, our projects and also useful informations for novice or professionnals.

Since several years, a lot of  projects appears with some French breeders, for example Passion Nac or Xtrem-Snake, but also with breeders in Europe. These partnerships and consultations are strenghthening and meaningfully advancing our common goals.