We are two French people in love with reptiles! We are raising pythons (ball pythons morelia and brongersmai pythons), lampropeltis Californae and boas.

Now we try to raise our reptiles in terrarium, depends of what they need. Before, we raised our animals in racks, but now we rather prefer to have a small group of reptiles but beautiful terrariums. 

Our passion began 7 years ago, with Franck’s first pantherophis guttatus. Then cames pythons and the collection grows with time. S-reptiles projects began.

In 2013, Ambre buy his first boa couple, and the passion born quickly for her. In the course of buying, meetings and markets, the necessity to create a website appears. Here, you could find ours animals, our projects and also our observations.

Everyone can raise animals in his own way, there is no real rules, we just have to adapt everything for each animal.