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Blood Pythons

It is the most stocky python, divided in three species, from Thailand and Malaysia, easily recognizable by his weight quite important compared to his size, little, not more than  5 fts. He is in general an agressive python because of a bad care in captivity. Today, the 3 species are: Python brongersmai, Python breitensteini et Python curtus.


They are not long snakes, night fossorial animals. They likes humidity, eats mices, birds or varans. There is 3 species: Brongersmai, Curtus, Breitensetini. They come rom Asia (Malaisia, Sumatra, Indonesia, Vietnam). He can weight 15kg, and can be agressive.

Breeding conditions:

He needs hidden spaces, a big water bowl and a lot of substrat (cocos wood for example). Temperature is around 30 to 23 at night. The terrarium can be around 120x60x80, and he likes dark spaces. You need to change water a lot because he can have diseases skin and pneumonia. This species is often obese so one prey each 2 weeks is great. But we never had this problem with our snakes. They leave in the ground, the head is the only thing visible.


Sexual maturity is around 3 years. The female can lay 3 to 15 eggs, even if some can lay 24 eggs.

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