Snakes in Florida

In Florida, the problem is more dangerous with invasives snakes. Florida account 141 sorts of reptiles and amphibians, which one 48 sorts who invade the territory.

The Burmese pythons are native of the South Asia. However, towards the end of the 20th century, they stood out as reproductive population in the state of Florida, in particular in Everglades.
This reptile was a popular exotic animal in the 70s. As the owners of these pythons bought in them ” fart shops ” had no necessary expertise when the animal approached the maturity, they fast found a solution to their problem: release the snake in the nature.

In spite of policies to try to kill them and to reduce their number, in particular by means of action of the help as Venom One, the population estimated by these pythons is situated between 30 000 and 100 000. They extend in all the regions of the National park of and were also observed in the North of the limits of these parks near the populations.

Already weakened by the invasion of the huge Burmese python, Florida faces the Python of Seba who can reach more than 6 meters in length. Furthermore, boas, huge and other venomous tegus are free in this space. The fear of the scientists is that they can mutate between them.
These snakes and other huge reptiles invade the populated zones more and more, because of the hurricane Andrew in 1992 according to certain specialists or because of private individuals’ relaxation  not knowing what to make it for the adulthood. These specimens would never have of the being there, then before  undertaking you to take an animal take into account the risks which it incurs for you but also the properties(goods) and people of your circle of acquaintances.