In every cases, call the veterinary services if you think that the situation is putting your animal in dangers.

Various temperature’s animals are really wick because of non adaptated conditions of living. You have to keep in minds every needs of this snakes, and try to give them a good life. In the contrary, your animal could have a disease linked to stress, parasits or feeding.

Snakes could suffer with abcess, that is because of the freezing temperature, and it could destroy your snake, regularly in his head. It’s also because of animal’s bites, so you have to survey them if you give alive preys. You have to go to the veterinary to take care of your animal in this case.

Snakes are subjects to acarids, to take of them, you have to clean regularly their spaces and also the snake. Frontline can be used but we prefer a French natural and biologic product called Taurrus. Its little predator acarids who eats acarids.

A snake could also loos weight, because of stress or because of parasits. It could also be linked to a higher temperature, so please control it with a special one or with a meet one.

The snake could be dehydrated. A bath could be great in that case.

In extrem cases, it could be because of a tumor, take that seriously please.

You have to weight your snake regularly, take him into water and give him food if he refuse.

A snake could regurgitate because of a manipulation after his feed or because of a stress, or a disease so please go to the vet.

A snake could suffer of anorexa he loose his hunger and you have to go to the veterinary if it’s for a long time. But some species like pythons can refuse to eat for a long time. Maybe he is anxious because of another snake in his space, or because of a lot of manipulation.  Every disease could engender a loose of hunger, so you have to respect all your snake’s needs.

The snake can have burned marks or the Blister disease, because of bad treatments. It’s really infected so please go to the doctor and let your animal alone. You don’t have to lay the heating inside the space. If your snake have this, please take some Biafine for him. Besides, take the space in order and clean it every weeks.

There is also an eyes disease. It is when sthe shed can’t go away in his eyes. Here, consults or try to take it off with some Collyre. He also could have shed’s troubles because of not enough water of a lower temperature, here, take your animal into the water to help him.

A snake could also be fat. You could calculate his calorie intake by days: his weight X0,77, Here, you just have to reduce his feeding regularly, because in the other case he could have problems to move or to reproduce.

A female could retains his eggs because she is too small. Before  reproduce her, control if she is big enough to produce eggs. Keep her in a peace environment but in the contrary go to the veterinary.

He also could have diarrheas, constipation or deshydratation, and in a lot of cases it is because of the living’s conditions. For others diseases, only a professionnal could help you to detect it. In every case, a snake is not sick if all the needs are greats, so take care of that and please don’t hesitate to consult.