Contacts with humans: captivity

Snakes can live in captivity but we have to give them the best. Do to this, we need to try to understand their physiological needs.

One of the most important point will be the temperature of your installation. Indeed, snakes have a variable internal temperature. They have a thermic optimum, TMP, a preferential average, witch is ideal for them. There is also the TMC, the maximum to avoid. Snake have an intern heat and they can regule their own temperature themselves. Be careful the highest temperature need to be higher than the TMP. Like this, you snake can choose to go the the heat point or not. The snake is ectothermic, it means that he can’t produce heat but he keep it.

Your snake, depends on the species, can need humidity. For most species, a water bowl can be good. For ball Pythons, it is all right to give them a water bowl for example.

Snakes are all over the world exept polar zones, and customs are very differents with species, like if they are aquatics, or Ground tree-dwelling. Most of them eats rodents like mices, rats, but also eggs for some of them,game, hinds or others snakes. For some of humans, snakes are a good food, or serve for the medicine but in our society, 95% of imported snakes are just imported for their patterns, to serve for their skins to make bags. Only 5% of imported snakes serve for us. So we are not really a threat for snakes in their natural environment.

Boas and pythons are very popular, but some adults snakes are dangerous because not enough controllable by a man. A snake lives a long time, and they grows a lot, they need more and more food and more and more space. Take care of your pets, your children before take one. We have to think about it before to take one at home, because a snake have requirements.

A snake could attack in 2 ways. They can defend themselves and wanted to take you away by hurting you quickly, mouth closed. More rarely, he can bite you and try to enrol you. The prey’s breeth encourage the snake to squeeze more and more. The prey died by the attack or by the asphixy.

To avoid the attack, you have to touch you animals sometimes, and not only to give them food. You can take your snake in your hands but not too much to avoid stress. If he is in shed, don’t touch him, or when he eats or when the female is with his little eggs. Some species  are shy, like the ball python for example.