Choice of your animal

Have a snake require time, space and money. If you are looking for a relationship with an animal, please take a pogona or a gecko, and not a snake.

A young specimen could have a hard time to begin to eat, some of them could die, take a professional breeder or a friend instead of a stranger.

Take an NC snake, native in captivity, instead of a natural born snake, because of parasites. Besides, for the ethic it’s better and he is less agressive and sometimes more beautiful, more powerful in captivity.

Have a snake in terrarium is more beautiful than in racks, but this 2 spaces have to be big for the adult snake. The heating is important for the snake. The heat have to be outside the space, to avoid  burn marks. The natural light is great for the snake. He also needs water to drink or to go inside, you have to take a big water tub for him. Some snakes likes to hide, so you could take a branch or a hide for him. Be careful for the security, if he climb it It should not overturn. It also have to be easy to clean up. The substrat in the ground is important for hygienical reasons. If you want to reproduce the natural environmenty of the snake, buy branches and plants in a special animal shop because parasits are bad for the snake’s health. To clean up, you could use vinegar 2 times a month. Everyday, you have to take off urins, shed, and clean the water tub.

Please read and learn about the care of your snake, depending on the species.