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The reticulated python


It is the biggest python raised in captivity. He could mesure 29 fts and weight 150kg.

They are the more hurt and sinker. This python from south Asia become more common in captivity but his tall and weight has to be considered before take one at home.

This python is rename Broghammerus reticulatus and he comes from West South of Asia ( Thailand …). He can be really big, so you can think about his breeding condition before buy one because he needs space and a lot of food and it can be expensive. Females are bigger than males. He needs a solid space.

Breeding conditions:
He needs minimum 4x3x3 meters for his terrarium. A big water bowl is needed, and change every days to avoid bacterias. He can be hard to manipulate because he is big so you need to have someone with you to take care of. He needs 28 degrees, Aspen woods can be great. In France, you need a CDC to possess one.

He needs mices, then rabbits or porcs. You need to be careful when you give him food because he has a lot of strenght.

Sexual maturity is around 4 years for female and 3 for males, but he can be agressive so be careful if you reproduce them, and you can have a lot of eggs also.

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