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The green python


The green python, green, red or yellow,  is in the Morelia’s family, coming frome Australia mostly. He lives in his branch and needs special cares because he needs light and hydrometry.They are from New Guinea and Australia, in dark forest. They look like emerald boas but this one is forbidden because it is a protected species in French Guyana. He lives in trees and at night, in tropical landscape.

Adult is often green with blue and white frequently. Young can be yellow, blue, red, orange or violet. Those colors depends on the island and the elevation. He has non venomous hooks to take preys in trees. They can reach 2 meters and live 15 years. Sexual maturity is around 4 years for females and 2 years for males.

Breeding conditions:
He needs 25 degrees for the cold spot and 30, and 22 degrees at night. Hygrometry is around 80%, it is really important for them. He is sensible and stressed and can bite if he is not great in his environment. He eats mices, but a young snake can refuse to eat.

ARU: With scales with green on the back. Youngs are yellow with black, some adults can have blue, a short tail, and youngs are hard to feed.
BIAK: They are bigger and agressive, the tail is big and outcross snakes are less agressive. They are green, with yellow scales. Youngs are yellow or red with yellow, and the color change in 4 years.
MERAUKEE: From Papouasie, the have a line in their back with white scales. Altitude is important for this white line saids Kark Switak.
MAINLAND,SORONG,JAYAPURA: they are harder to separate. Sorong has a blue back line with green, the head is little and mouth is little, with black or blue, and they are small. Jayapura has clear blue with green, a yellow blue or green tail.
WAMENA: The have a back line really thin, young are brown or yellow and some have black scales.
KOFIAU: The born yellow but change to green.
AUSSIE GREENS: They look like Meraukee, and young are brown or yellow, but they are really expensive and rare.

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