In a lot of civilizations, snakes means health, wisdom and not like an agressive animals. He have a fundamental action in the environment because he eats rats, mices, and his venom could have a positive impact on health for humans.

It’s a new friend in our society. It’s an animal like the others, able to live with humans, but he is savage. Humans has developped a new domesticated gutt, and it is a good thing in order to protect species.

Reptiles are divided in 5 classes. Rynchocephales, Sphénodon, Crocodiles, Chenols, and Squamates. Snakes are Squamates, and lezards are saures. There is vipers, boas, colubers, gutt and thiphlopides. Boas are not getting eggs, but the most classicles, boas, colubers and pythons doesn’t have any venom.