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Boa imperator


Boas are in the Boiade’s family, witch it’s divided into 10 specific species.

The BCI, boa imperator is the most raised in captivity, from South America mostly. This species is protect by the Washington Convention. The constrictor could do 6fts but the constricor constrictor could do 16fts. He is more agressive than pythons in general, but he is handleable. He needs a lot of food. Bigger, we prefer for him to raise it in terrarium than in racks. Be careful if you take one because his needs in food increases with times, and it could be a problem for you. Like his name saids, this snake is from boides family. Nature and size depends on the locality. A female can be around 1,80 meter to 2,80 meters, and 1,20 to 2,20 meters for males. They can live 25 years, and they are from tropical forest. They can be agressive sometimes.

This species is in annexe 2 CITES, limited to 3 snakes without CDC in France.

Breeding conditions:
A terrarium around 150x60x60 is great for an adult, with an hidden space and a water bowl. They need 32 and 25 degrees in the terrarium. At night, 25 degrees. Hygrometry needs to be around 70%.

Boas can eat in captivity  mices, rats, rabbits, dead or alive. Give dead animals is better to avoid hurting animals. Young boas can have preys each weeks and progressively to once a month.

Sexual maturity is around 3 years old, but the size is more important than the age. To stimulate them, a rest time is needed and you have to change variables. Please not spare too soon your snakes because the reproduction can be long. Then you can give little preys. The female eats a little prey or not at all, and she needs heat. Boas are ovovivipare, she gives birth 120 days after the reproduction, around 15 to 50 babies. Then, you need to separate babies then, you give her preys little by little.

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